Thursday, May 24, 2012

Compare & Contrast

Classical music and modern music have a few similarities. In all music you have many different kinds of instruments. Listening to classical music you may notice more instruments playing. In modern music you notice the instruments but pay attention to the lyrics of the songs. In an article, Modern vs. Classical Music, "Through the delight of listening to a brand new track on a compact disc with a big name artist has a similar emotional feel for modern day people, as it would have felt for people listening to a live symphony during the Classical Era." By saying this it means that classical music was similar to how life was during the classical time period. Just as modern music shows emotion or describes some peoples everyday life. Classical music was just as popular to people during the Classical Era as modern music is popular during modern day times. 

The main difference of classical music and modern music is the time period. Emotion that classical music shows is totally different from modern music. Emotion comes all from the way the instruments play in classical music. In modern day music almost all of the emotion of a song comes from the lyrics. Classical music is not as simple as modern music. A classical piece may mean one thing but a person may take it a whole other way because of the way the instruments are played. In modern music the lyrics of the song basically tell you what the song means or the main purpose of the song. Classical music and modern music have many differences but they also have many similarities.


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